Our Vision

We want to make access to the law and an understanding of it available to everyone.

We provide a high quality low cost service but we never cut corners, just costs.

We use plain English we try to avoid jargon and we’ll never talk down to you

If we can offer you a fixed fee, then we’ll do so. If not, we’ll tell you exactly how we charge and make sure that the costs don’t get out of control.

Our People

SBAN was started by Chris Hutchins, a solicitor who qualified in 1976 and who spent all of his career working trying to give the best possible service to all of his clients. A partner in several law firms from 1977 until he ceased practice in 2008.

Chris has a unique take on commercial law. His view is that he is employed to get the job done, with the minimum fuss and delay and at the lowest cost.

Chris has an extensive network of other professionals who share his views and work on a similar basis.

Our Fees

Wherever we can, we charge a fixed fee, so that you know from the start what you will be paying.

If we can’t offer a fixed fee, then we can offer you a very competitive hourly, half day or day rate. We’ll agree exactly how much with you in advance depending on the type of work involved.

We keep accurate records of all the time we spend with you and we’ll tell you, at least monthly, what the fees are – so that things don’t.

Are we safe?

All our work is insured.

Chris Hutchins is still on the Solicitors’ Roll and still subject to full disciplinary scrutiny. As a result, he has an absolute duty to keep all of your work confidential and to comply with all the Rules and Regulations which cover him.

We NEVER hold any of your money apart, of course, from our fees.

What Our Clients Say

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